Indonesian Acid Industry
Jl. Raya Bekasi KM 21 Pulo Gadung Jakarta 13001, Indonesia
P.O. Box : 1170 - JAT Phone:(62-21) - 4602203
Fax. :(62-21) - 4602917


>> PT Indonesian Acids Industry (IAI) was established in 1969 as a joint venture between Thai Acids Industry Co, Ltd Thailand and two local companies, PT Lautan Luas and Firma Syam Co. To capture the surrounding market and maximize distribution coverage, IAI set up factory in the densely populated industrial area of East Jakarta. The factory is also situated near Jakarta’s main port, Tanjung Priok, facilitating access and handling of mostly imported supply of raw materials.

>> The IAI production facility is located in Jl. Raya Bekasi km 21, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, and occupies a 2.5-hectare site.

>> Managed and operated by a team of highly skilled experts, the manufacturing plant is ensured a sufficient supply of electricity, clean water and telecommunication facilities to sustain operations. It is also equipped with reliable machinery employing advanced technology to assure best-quality products.

>> In 1970, IAI began commercial production of Sulfuric Acids and, at the same time, pioneered locally manufactured Aluminum Sulfate. For concentrated production of Sulfuric Acids, the factory is in operation around the clock to enable the running of a continuous, automatic production process. This process is managed and controlled by three shifts of operators.

>> The IAI production facility was designed for a total production capacity of 127,000 tons per annum, with specific capacities as follow:

·               Sulfuric Acids, 82,500 tons per annum

·               Aluminum Sulfate, 44, 600 tons per annum

>> With distribution coverage that now encompasses the island of Java and beyond, IAI products obtained significant growth in niche markets. Sulfuric Acids primarily service battery manufacturers as raw material for accu zuur production; better known as alum, Aluminum Sulfate is used by water treatment companies, such as PDAM, and paper manufacturers.

>> IAI employs a team of qualified technical experts to quality control its products. This assures that only those meeting the IAI standard of quality are delivered to guarantee continued client satisfaction and confidence.

>> From product design, quality control, packaging, transportation to logistics, the IAI team adheres to strict rules of conduct and safety. This creates a working environment that is conducive to mutual growth and development for everyone at IAI.